Opty Cloth with Mesh Holder

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We're putting the care back in eye care.

The Opty Cloth is thoughtfully designed with fiber technology to give you the best clean for your glasses. The cloth traps dirt and dust longer which minimizes smudging and fallback. The back side is made with a grip fabric so you can better hold your cloth for a sturdy clean. It is also reusable and machine washable so no more feeling bad about throwing away disposable wipes. A protective and portable mesh holder is included with your cloth to keep unwanted particles from attaching to your cloth.

Opty: For the on-the-go person who wants real solutions to their smudges. 


Cloth: 5 inches x 5.5 inches, 100% polyester

Holder: 3 inches to fit the average wallet and made with polyester mesh, zipper. 

How to Use

Grip the black side of the cloth. Then, wipe your glasses lightly with a circular motion.  After you have cleaned your glasses, put the cloth back into the holder.  


Keeping your cloth in your holder is essential. The holder protects your cloth from dirt and dust particles that are in purses, backpacks, and other places. If left unprotected, these particles can scratch your glasses as well as the coating when cleaning your glasses. 

To clean your cloth,  simply throw-it in the wash while still in the holder. For best results, wash without using fabric softener. 

Customer Reviews

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Opty Cloth with Mesh Holder

awesome brake through product

Me and my friend love it. I am happy to have been blessed to learn of your great product. I wish you much success.

Great Product

Love the Opty Cloth! Now my glasses are always clear and clean!!

So Useful

Before opty I didn't really have a proper way to clean my glasses since regular cloths scratched them. Now I use opty on a daily basis and it's so efficient. People have been complementing my glasses more probably because they look so clean! Love this product!

Better Than Expected

I bought this for my wife because I don't wear eyeglasses. She's been really happy with it, but I find myself stealing it often for sunglasses. I suppose you don't know how much you need this until you use it and then your wife steals it back.