The Opty Cloth is made with advanced fiber technology which picks up unwanted particles better, faster, and leaves your glasses smudge free. In addition, it comes with a mesh, reusable holder which protects your cloth from unwanted particles while not in use. The holder also makes the cloth machine-wash friendly.
Hold the cloth by the black side. The fabric is a grip fabric and it was specifically made for your hand.
Hold the cloth by the black side so you don’t get any particles from your hand on the grey side (cleaning side). Also, make sure to keep it in the mesh holder so that particles from the outside do not attach to the cloth and then scratch your glasses. You only need to wash the cloth when necessary.
Unlike a normal microfiber cloth that needs to be hand-washed after 2-3 uses, Opty Cloth is machine-washable and lasts longer. Once you see streaking, that means your cloth needs to be washed. Once you see streaking, your cloth needs to be washed. Your needs may vary based on how often you use the cloth.
Because of our innovative fiber technology, the particles that get swept up from our cloth get trapped into our spiral fibers.
It’s so easy to lose a normal microfiber cloth. However, with the Opty Cloth, comes a protective mesh holder and was thoughtfully designed to fit the average wallet size.
Napkins and shirts are too coarse for your glasses. In addition, your shirt can carry and transfer bacteria and unwanted particles. If you use your shirt or napkin, you can guarantee scratches and loss of the expensive coating that’s on your glasses.
Glasses cleaning wipes are not environmentally friendly whether it be the wipe itself or the packaging that comes with the wipe. In addition, these wipes have a tendency to leave streaks.
Not yet. We will let you know when.
The reusable holder makes it machine-washable. In addition, the packaging boxes we use come from recycled materials.
Yes, they are.