You're Unknowingly Damaging Your Blue Light Filtering Glasses

What's the point of wearing blue light filtering glasses if you're going to scratch-off the coating that makes it filter these harmful rays anyway? 

These glasses are worn to protect people who use screens often because the blue-light that is being emitted out of screens is found to be damaging. Some studies have shown that blue light from screens can affect the cells in your retina. In addition, it can cause digital eye strain, headaches, and increase the risk of macular degeneration.

The Problem

Again, it is important to note that the protection your eyes are getting from these types of glasses is solely based on a coating. This means that you must take care of your lenses properly in order to maintain these coatings. A normal microfiber cloth that you receive with your glasses is an inconvenient method to do so. This is because it needs to be protected at all times which is hard for a consumer to do because it doesn’t come with a case and even if it did, it might not be the right material to keep the cloth clean. In addition, a normal microfiber cloth needs to be washed after every three to four uses. Even then, in order to wash this kind of cloth, it needs to be hand washed or thrown in a protective holder to protect itself from the fibers of your clothes in the laundry. The lack of tools and information given to the consumer makes it hard to maintain a scratch-free clean.

The Solution

However, there is a better and easier solution-the Opty Cloth. The Opty Cloth is made with fiber technology so it cleans better and gentler. It comes with a protective holder and needs to be washed after three weeks, not three uses. The fiber technology holds particles inside the cloth and not just on top of it using spiral, electrically charged fibers. This reduces the build-up of unwanted particles which when using a cloth can scratch your lenses. This reduction of unwanted particles further continues with the protective holder. When you keep your microfiber cloth in your pocket, purse, etc. you run the risk of exposing it to these particles that will scratch your glasses. Washing the cloth is also seamless because all you have to do is throw it in the laundry fewer times than a typical microfiber cloth.

Treat your glasses like the medical devices that they are.